Professional Portraits For Realtor Agents

Sharon Baker and Pam Cook of Baker & Cook Realtors in Bellbrook, Ohio expanded their company to five people and needed new photographs for their company.  We created head shots for each person and also did group photographs. I’ve been helping business people in the Miami Valley with their company image for over 25 years. I’ve worked with 1000s of individuals and companies create professional images. If you need a professional, honest Realtor I fully can recommend Baker & Cook. They have the experience and knowledge to help you sell your home quickly for full price. Their web site is  Dan Cleary has been a professional photographer in Dayton, Ohio for 28 years. In 2015 Dan was named by the City of Dayton Commissioners as a proud Dayton Original.

studio photograph of female realtors by Cleary Creative Photography in Dayton Ohio

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