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I have some exciting news. I am honored to be one of five artists to be selected to create new works of art for the Wilmington-Stroop branch library. My piece will be a large scale triptych photograph based on Charles Kettering and Edward Deeds life long relationship. This area of Kettering had for many years one of Delco’s manufacturing plants which was founded by Kettering and Deeds. The background image is the Deeds Barn where Kettering and associates created some of their first inventions. I want to say Thank You to the Dayton Metro Library Reimagining Works committee for the commission. The finished piece is 10 feet x 5 feet and will be in the community meeting room. Here is a copy of my sketch. I will keep you informed to my progress and let you see the final piece when I’m finished.

Wilmington Sroop Library triptych sketch by Dan Cleary of Cleary Creative Photography


(September 14, 2017) — The Dayton Metro Library has selected five proposals for artwork in the new Wilmington-Stroop Branch in Kettering. These are the latest commissions in the ReImagining Works project, which places new, original artwork in each Dayton Metro Library location.
ReImagining Works invites artists to use pieces from the Dayton Art Institute’s permanent collection as inspiration for reimagined artwork at the new or newly remodeled Libraries. The project is made possible by an anonymous bequest.
For the Wilmington-Stroop Branch Library, two pieces from the DAI collection, selected by popular vote, serve as inspiration: Red Circle, an oil painting by Dwinell Grant, and the cut glass piece Bold Endeavor by Jon Kuhn. Five artists received commissions, including two who will create a work together. The artists are:
Suzanne Ley and Susan Cannon, Springboro – working together to create a large mixed-media piece combining layers of paint with three superimposed fused glass panels. The composition will be based on the satellite image of the Library’s location at the intersection of Wilmington and Stroop Roads. The geometry of the intersecting lines and angles inspires the painting and glass composition, and reflects both inspiration works.
Brent Beck, Dayton – will create a large work composed of painted, shaped wood panels that relate to the modern geometric architecture of the Library and mimic the intersection of planes, lines and shapes seen in Bold Endeavor by Jon Kuhn. This colorful work will be layered, creating a sense of depth and an energetic rhythm.
Paula Kraus, Dayton – proposes five framed inkjet prints on rice paper created from photographs in which she isolates and distills light, color and shape to achieve compositions of pure geometry, inspired by the non-objective work of Dwinell Grant. The rice paper will be treated with encaustic, a beeswax, to create a translucency that references the glass work by Jon Kuhn.
Dan Cleary, Dayton – will produce a triptych of large photographs to create the sense of a mural. Focusing on the historical relationship between Charles Kettering and Edward Deeds, Cleary will combine historic photos and contemporary color images, along with patent drawings of Kettering’s inventions. Deeds Barn provides the focal point of the narrative anchoring the various overlaid images and reflecting the shape and layers in the inspiration piece Bold Endeavor, by Jon Kuhn.

Design work is underway for a new, larger Wilmington-Stroop Branch Library. The current building will be demolished and rebuilt in a more visible position at the corner of Wilmington Pike and Stroop Road, with improved access to parking. Construction is slated to begin in early 2018 and be finished in about one year.
For more information on ReImagining Works or the facilities improvement projects, visit

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