The first photograph I created in my Wright Brothers series was the Amos Root quote image. It’s a photograph of the catapult the Wright Brothers built to propel their machine up to speed quickly at Huffman Prairie. After I looked at the images I created I started looking at other images the Wright’s had made and found the image of the plane flying at Huffman Prairie. Using PhotoShop I combined the two images so that the horizons lines up.

Wilbur Wright Working In Bike Shop by Dan Cleary of Cleary Creative Photography in Dayton Ohio

Wilbur Working In The Bike Shop "History was being made in their bicycle shop and in their home but the making was so obscured by the common place I did not recognize it until many years later." Milton Wright nephew of the Wrights

Wright Brothers, 7 Hawthorn Street by Dan Cleary of Cleary Creative Photography in Dayton Ohio

7 Hawthorn Street “If I were to give a young man advice as to how he might succeed in life. I would say to him, pick out a good Father and Mother and begin life in Ohio.” Wilber Wright

"Kite Flying" Wright Brother Photo series by Dan Cleary in Dayton Ohio

Kite Flying At Kitty Hawk "We tried it with the tail in front, behind and every other way. When we got through, Will was so mixed up he couldn’t even theorize. It has been with considerable effort that I succeeded in keeping him in the flying business at all." Orville Wright

Wright Brothers Glider at Kill Devel Hill by Dan Cleary of Cleary Creative Photography in Dayton Ohio

Wright Brighter Glider At Kill Devil Hill "The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who, in their grueling travels across trackless lands in prehistoric times, looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space, at full speed, above all obstacles, on the infinite highway of the air.” Wilbur Wright

Wright Brothers Gliding From Top Of Kill Devil Hill by Dan Cleary in Dayton Ohio

Wright Brothers Glide From The Top Of Kill Devil Hill “A bird when soaring does not seem to alternately rise and fall as some observers have thought. Any rising or falling is irregular and seems to be due to disturbances of fore and aft equilibrium following the gusts.” Wilbur Wright diary entry

Wright Brother At Kitty Hawk November 24th 1903 by Dan Cleary of Cleary Creative Photograpy in Dayton Ohio

Wright Brothers At Kitty Hawk “Wind of 15 miles blowing from west and northwest in morning. We completed repairs by noon and got the machine out on the tracks in front of the building ready for a trial from the level. The wind was gradually dying and by the time we were ready was blowing only about 10 miles. After waiting several hours to see whether it would breeze up again we took the machine back in.” Orville Wright’s diary November 24, 1903

Wright Brothers First Flight by Dan Cleary of Cleary Creative Photography in Dayton Ohio

Wright Brothers First Flight “Success, four flights Thursday morning, all against 21 mile winds. Started from level with engine power alone. Average speed through air 31 miles. Longest 57 seconds. Inform the press. Home for Christmas” Orville Wright December 17, 1903

"Wright Brothers Flight #41 At Huffman Prairie" By Dan Cleary

Flight 41 At Huffman Prairie “The ground was a perfect blur, but as the plane rose higher the objects below became clearer. At the height of a hundred feet you fell almost no motion at all, except the wind that strikes your face.” Orville Wright

"Wright Brothers Flight #85 At Huffman Prairie" By Dan Cleary

Flight 85 At Huffman Prairie “When you know, after the first few minutes, that the whole mechanism is working perfectly, the sensation is so keenly delightful as to be almost beyond description. Nobody who has not yet experienced it for himself can realize it.” Wilbur Wright

Wilber and Orville with their 2nd powered machine by Dan Cleary of Cleary Creative Photography in Dayton Ohio

Brothers “From the time we were little children my brother Orville and myself lived together, played together and worked together, and in fact thought together. We talked over our thoughts and our aspirations so that nearly everything that was done in our lives has been the results of conversations, suggestions and discussions between us.” Wilbur Wright

Wright Brothers, Amos Root quote by Dan Cleary of Cleary Creative Photography in Dayton Ohio

Amos Root “When it turned that circle, and came near the starting point, I was right in front of it, and I said then, and I believe still, it was the greatest sight of my life. Imagine a locomotive that left it’s tracks and climbed up in the air right toward you. A locomotive without any wheels but with wings instead, spread 20 feet each way, coming right towards you with a tremendous flap of it’s propeller and you have something like what I saw. I tell you friends the sensation that one feels is something hard to describe.” Amos Root witnessing a full 180 degrees turn September 20, 1905

Flying On The Great Miami River by Dan Cleary of Cleary Crative Photography in Dayton Ohio

Flying On The Great Miami River "The cares of modern business little encouraged the tastes of one who feels that his work is not done." Orville Wright 1915

Orville Wright's dog Scipio on porch at Hawthorn Hill in Oakwood Ohio by Dan Claery of Cleary Creative Photography

Scipio “When Orville Wright dies in 1948 they only found one photograph in his wallet. It wasn’t of the first flight, or of his sister or parents or of he and his brother. It was a photograph of his dog Scipio who had died 25 years earlier.” Steve Wright, great-grandnephew

The image I found the image of the plane on the internet and I thought my final image was very successful. The only problem was the Wright’s image was a low resolution internet image. So I started doing some research and found that both the Library of Congress and Wright State University library had scanned many of the Wright Brothers original prints and negative in high resolution. I contacted Wright State University and they allow me to obtain the images I need directly from them. I am also able to download high rez original scans from the Library of Congress. My first trip out to Huffman Prairie was in the winter of 2015. I did research on both Wright State library and the Library of Congresses web site and knew what images were there so last summer my wife and I went Kitty Hawk, South Carolina to visit the National Park.

While at Kitty Hawk I created many photographs that I could use with Wright Brothers photographs. One of the Wright Brothers other attributes was they were prolific writers. They both keep detailed journals. The Library of Congress have scanned their journals and Wright State Uni library has many original journals which is where I get the quotes included in each piece. I also get the quote from a couple books I have read including David MaCullough’s auto-biography of the Wright Brothers.