Client Testimonials

“The photographs Dan has given us have always been beautiful. It is amazing just how good they really are. We did the first year baby plan with Dan and at MaKayla’s 9 month session, she wasn’t in a good mood so we thought there would only be 1 or 2 decent photographs, but there were so many really great shots that we couldn’t believe it. Dan is a true artist, he really makes children feel comfortable. I guess that’s why he always gets such good expressions and that’s why we like him so much.”
Tyler & Monica Kingdom, Springboro, Ohio

“Thank you for a wonderful session. As this was my daughters first photo shoot, you made her feel comfortable. Your setting was very professional, looking forward to working with you in the future, as this is just the beginning.”
Gwen Thompson, Dayton, Ohio

“Cole not only had a fantastic experience with Mr. Cleary, the pictures were stunning! Cole’s personality was captured in each pose and the quality of the photos is outstanding.”
Monica Ronan, New Carlisle, Ohio

“I REALLY enjoyed my time spent in your studio. My daughter was soooo excited to take those pictures. She has never had that type of experience and we thank you for the opportunity. I have already told everyone about our experience. Mariya was so thrilled to see her pictures, in fact, she got on my nerves wanting me to check every other hour. She had a lot of fun and enjoyed the moment to the fullest. But nothing was more exciting than just watching you two interact. She is very bright and intelligent and is somewhat of a chatter box, and you, on the other hand appeared to be reserve and laid back and very quiet person. Watching two people do something they love sooo much was worth everything. Thanks again.”
Brooklynn Roy-Rutlin, Dayton, Ohio

“This was my first experience with a professional photographer and it was very pleasant. Dan was very patient with my daughter and although nervous in the beginning, he got her to open up and let her beauty shine through. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”
Reina Davis, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Mr. Cleary was helpful and worked wonderfully with my daughter. This was her first time being photographed by a professional and she was comfortable with the atmosphere, as was I.”
Tanya Waller, West Alexander, Ohio

“Mr. Cleary did a great job with the photo shoot. He took the time and we didn’t feel rushed. We had a large number of pictures to choose from. We were very pleased with our experience and highly recommend Mr. Cleary.”
Angie Joseph, Troy, Ohio

“My husband & I did the baby’s first year package for our son. The quality & professionalism is outstanding. It was definitely priceless & teary eyed pieces of art. I looked forward to getting our pictures & the family loved getting his photos. The packages are conveniently put together for giving photos to friends & family. You also get different shots in different outfits. Although the cost is shocking at first it is well worth it. As I said before you will not end up with 1 8×10, 6 3×5’s, & 20 wallets of the same pose & outfit. He does really good work….it also helps when you have the cutest little boy in the world. I will continue to use him as our family photographer.”
Rochelle Germer, Oakwood, Ohio

“I want to say that Mr. Cleary was a doll, he was very understanding about my requests and the fact I did not have all the things I needed for the sitting, he was fine with that so I would like to thank him for his time, not to mention the beautiful pictures he took of my grand kids. Again thank you.”
Judy McCullah, Dayton, Ohio

“Mr. Cleary is very professional and very attentive to your child while photographing. He was very nice and explained everything so that you can understand. I will defiantly be recommending Mr. Cleary to others. His photos are wonderful and truly catch the child at their best and rarest forms. I really look forward to having him photograph my child again.”
Ashley Million, Dayton, Ohio

“Mr. Cleary did great with our daughter, she was unusually shy when she came in and by the second or third photo she was very comfortable with Mr. Cleary. He worked so well with her and even gave us references on where to send her photos to modeling agencies that only work on commission. I can’t wait to receive all our daughter’s photos so we can send them off!”
Sarah Amburgey, Dayton, Ohio

“My daughter Sabrina had a photo shoot with Mr. Cleary. She had a blast. Dan is a very professional photographer and helped her through the whole photo shoot. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants to have an excellent photo shoot. The photos he has done for my daughter came out better than the photos that a modeling agencies photographers did. The two hours we spent with Dan at his studio was well worth mine and my daughter’s time. I would do it again if he ever asked us too. Thanks Dan for all the beautiful pictures.”
Michelle Irizarry, Lynchburg, Ohio

“My daughter Kristin had a great experience with Mr. Cleary he took his time with her and we never felt rushed I would and have already passed the word around. I work in retail so word can get around fast I talk to a lot of people and have told them about my experience my co- workers for sure. I have even given his number out to some people I work with that have little kids. Thanks for doing such a great job.”
Angela Newland, Englewood, Ohio

“You are really great. I appreciate how patient you were with my children. The photos are amazing, we really love them.”
Amanda Grant, Xenia, Ohio

“You did a great job. I can’t wait to have the finished product. You were very patient and helpful with us during the whole photo shoot. I will recommend you to Megan’s dance friends pageant friends and also, her school friends. She has friends that will be graduating soon, as well as her in three years. The experience was very pleasant and not rushed at all. Thanks for all of your help and we look forward working with you again.”
Mary Walter, Fairborn, Ohio

“I’m so glad I had the opportunity to get these pictures done. It was so much fun! I enjoyed getting my pictures taken. I’ll have the memories forever.”
Kathy Glasgow, Huber Heights, Ohio

“Both Tara and I were pleased with the sitting. You did a very nice job with getting her to give us her “good” smile and not look posed or fake. Thank you for being able to accommodate our quick turn around time.“
Lisa Shumway, Beavercreek, Ohio

“What a great experience for my daughter Jolie and everyone absolutely LOVES her pictures. The word I’m hearing most to describe them is “perfection”
Jill Weimer, Dayton, Ohio

“We all felt it was a positive overall family experience! This gave us an inside view of what professional photo sessions are like. Rachel had a great photo session and appreciated the kindness and professionalism of Mr. Cleary. There was no feeling of being rushed and the atmosphere was pleasant and quiet. We commend Mr. Cleary for offering this professional photo session for families and individuals who aspire and may not be sure of whether they are ready to commit to a more public life in photos. Thank you, Mr. Cleary!”
Kim Burden, Dayton, Ohio

My daughter Hazel & I had a great time! The photographs are beautiful, and it was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for taking the time with us. We will definitely recommend you to our family & friends!
Jennifer Vice, Dayton, Ohio

“My son Braden and I truly enjoyed this experience. Mr. Cleary made the experience fun for both mom and son. Braden felt very comfortable around Mr. Cleary, who made him laugh from the get go. It was so much fun to see my little man standing there loving every minute. He was so sad when the ‘smiles’ were all over and continued to say ‘more pictures’. Thanks so much for such a memorable time. We hope to be seeing you again in the future. The pictures turned out beautiful!”
Amanda Morris, Fairborn, Ohio

“Mr. Cleary, you did a wonderful job photographing my daughter Alexa. She was absolutely at ease and totally enjoyed her shoot. You went over and above the call of duty. I will be telling everyone about your services for the photos, they are absolutely gorgeous. The price of the photos is much more reasonable than any other I have encountered. I do want to thank you again and plan on using your services again in the future.”
Sandy DeHaven, Dayton, Ohio

“My daughter Hannah loved her experience with Mr. Cleary! She had so much fun and loved being treated like a “real model”! I showed everyone at work her pictures and they couldn’t believe how wonderful they were. I told everyone to have their pictures done by Mr. Cleary. He is so professional and certainly knows what he is doing. Thanks again!”
Pam Croft, Springboro, Ohio

“It was a pleasure doing work with you. My child had a great time during the shoot and I have told a lot of people about our experience with you. Hopefully those I have told about you will have a great experience with you as well. We would love to be able to work with you again.”
Rachel Souza, Dayton, Ohio

“As always, Dan did great work. These were the best pictures we’ve had of her in a while. She’s a little “temperamental” when it comes to getting her pictures taken, so we’ve had trouble the last few times with other photo places. The fact that there were so many good ones to choose from is amazing!
Miranda Nadeau, Huber Heights, Ohio